“I admire the man who remains true to his conscience, 
whatever it is what inspires  him”. - Luis Buñuel

In 2007 Victor Ortega chooses the world of moving images as potential way of communication when he enrolled on a BA (Hons) on Documentary Film and Television at the International Film School of Wales in the UK. But was in 2010, and after 3 different film awards as post graduate and the release of his first long length documentary in London, were he realised that moving images mixed with a selected combination of audio of his personal choice will become also his main way of expression and therefore his main passion to make his livings out it. In 2011 arrives to Sicily and he discovered a place where the all world was represented in just 300km of diameter, a land with a sun shining tones of inspiration. In 2012, after meeting the Photographer Giuseppe Marano, he founded Your Sunny Days; a Wedding Films Production company where he balanced between two different ways to understand life with the only purpose of narrating the story of people in love, using always a peculiar way of approaching each story as unique one with any mathematics whatsoever. In 2014 his passion for telling stories was recognises by Canon Italia, giving he the first place on the short film contest “La Grande Occasione” a great Honour and joy to continue to share his dreams with all of us. Today he works as freelance traveler filmmaker for different world wide brands like Maserati, BBC, Medusa Films or Mediaset and works for Your Sunny Days mainly as an Art Director and Cinematographer. Also helping any kind of production company to get the most of their needs to film in Sicily.

My aspirations are to be able to evolve 30% technically and 70% emotionally on future projects as a filmmaker as in life. 
I have a real passion for musical, travel and nature projects. 
For any kind of enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss how can he helps to make your project as you wish.
It will be a pleasure to help you on bringing your dreams to moving images. 
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