Directing Nature is difficult, if not impossible, so I will never dare to do so. This video couldn't have a real director but an observer. The song narrates in Italian, a love story between man and music. More than to build a narration with a meaning we just focused on enjoying Mount Etna and its mystic surroundings while in the mean time we shoot a music video with this song as an inspiration. I can't deny we had an idea at first, but the is a very strong magnetic field on this side of the world far beyond any human understanding. So the final decision was to feel, to feel there in that particular moment.
Maurizio Chi, Sicilian singer-songwriter, a Venetian by adoption, after the recording debut with the single summer "do not you pull" back on the Italian music scene with a new song called "you understand.""Looking around, I realized that romantic relationships, from the point of view of communication, are more and more 'complicated.Some do not find resolution even in the most diverse forms of dialogue and to make the glue to the two almost always misunderstood and fear of loneliness, "says Chi."From personal experience I have learned that rationality, lucidity and why not, a bit 'of irony can help you find your way to the serenity' now more 'than ever necessary.""Do you understand" and 'written musically by the same Maurizio Who with producer Placido Salamone and the dj producer Alberto Sanso'.The video clip and 'directed by madrile ~ no Victor Ortega who together with director of photography, Giuseppe Marano, wanted to be guided by 80 years, enhancing the musical choices of performers Maurizio Chi.
Dal connubio di due terre sorelle nasce il sogno di AFRO FAMILY: 
libertà di espressione fra arte e movimento, fra musica afro e una spiccata nota reggae...
"Le radici della cultura sono amare, ma i frutti sono dolci" 
Video Realizado en Sicilia, con la presenzia especial de Tiano Bless, joven promesa de la voz del Sudamérica en clave de Reggeae que conseguira hacer vibrar el mundo en pocos años.
Mental traktor is an experimental collage to ilustrate a song of Twins 6.0 (borned in the deepness and wetness of a garage down in Sicily, in a 3 hours shoot. 

The Magic of Ccly Hostel in heart of Catania raises the inspiration of our a family of travelers, and their essence like Justin Rose. Now singing from heave, if there is one.
-"Big hug Justin, wherever you are."-
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