The NB Center
The NB Center for American Automotive Heritage is an institution dedicated to preserving America's automotive heritage through its commitment to craftsmanship, education, and good stewardship.
Catania. Love & Hate
-"There is two ways to live your life; One: spinning the wheel of monotony & TWO: Every day through a different looking glass"- Victor Ortega - 3.1.2017
Teatro Massimo Vincenzo Bellini
A short version of the first promo in ages, of one of the most important Theatres in Italy. Full version will be available in the future by the main website of the Theatre.
Maserati Coast to Coast
The Spring of 2013 took me to an Epic trip from New York to San Francisco, together to the experienced cars photographer Renato Zacchia, with Gianni Pipoli, expert on panorama photography as Renato’s assistant, and the worldwide journalist Akis Temperidis.
Music Videos
Music is my passion as well as video, with music I can feel the most incredible experiences, so any music video I have made and that I will make will portrait my essence on that moment.
Sicily in Camper
There is many ways to accept life choices and its consequences. Mine was to leave everything to come to live in a place where opportunities are not matter of how talented you are but who you know. But every time I go out and have a look around I feel like it was the best choice.
Sicily Music Factory
Questo mini documentario è soltanto un punto di partenza per raccontare le storie di una parte di musicisti che vivono in questa terra, con lo scopo di valorizzare, inoltre, le meraviglie naturali in essa racchiuse.
Sicilia 1943
Un piccolo capolavoro che ci fa “volare” nel tempo e nello spazio, ospitato come focus presso la Mostra Fotografica della Magnum “Robert Capa in Italia 1943-1944”, in corso a Troina.
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